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Jewelry—an expression of you

There are plenty of jewelry stores in New Orleans, but what sets St. Amant Jewelers apart from your average jewelry stores is our focus on quality and your satisfaction. Jewelry to us is more than just a fancy accessory to wear when you want to look nice; it’s an expression of who you are, and it can have deep meaning to it, especially when it’s given to someone else. You buy jewelry to express yourself, whether for yourself or as a gift. It’s because of this that the jewelry we sell is made to be the best quality.


Custom Design services

Not only do we, at St. Amant Jewelers, provide the best quality jewelry to meet your expectations, but we also provide custom design services to make every piece you purchase from us a unique and special treasure. We offer monogram jewelry for that special someone who means the world to you, custom design engagement rings for when you’re ready to pop the question, and plenty of other custom design services to make your next purchase feel as special to others as it does to you.

St. Amant makes and repairs jewelry for you, right in the store. Our slogan is “All Repairs And Custom Jewelry Done On Location!” This means that instead of treating you as just another sale, we see you as the reason we make jewelry. Visit our New Orleans area location in Harvey, LA, or give us a call during business hours for more information. (504) 366-3811

Our Philosophy

Spectacular Creations That Give You A Distinct Look

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